2010 Classes
May Day Modular Boxes
11 AM to 3 PM, Saturday, May 1st
Come see that origami doesn't have to be about making pieces from single sheets of paper; it can be made from multiple parts that all fit together dynamically in a fun mix of pleats, crisp folds and an explosion of color. Come get your feet wet in this different slant on folding, and, with any luck, take some beautiful pieces home too.
Appropriate for: Adults and experienced children Cost: $25, with a $5 materials fee.

Origami Saturday
9:30 AM to 12 PM, Saturday, May 8th
Join us for the next in our series of Saturday mornings in which hands-on instruction will be provided in the centuries-old techniques of origami paperfolding. Students of all levels are welcome, but class size will be limited so as to provide the best possible teacher-to-student ratio.
Appropriate for: Children Cost: $15 per child, $25 for families of up to three.

Jurassic Origami
11 AM to 1:30 PM, Saturday, May 29th
Come join us for a few hours folding up some of the coolest, most awesome animals to ever walk upon the earth. Both herbivores and carnivores will be made, so both vegetarian and omnivorous students are welcome.
Appropriate for: Kids age 8 and up Cost: $15.

Beginning Papermaking
9:30 AM to 4 PM, Sunday, May 30th
Come join us for a full day of pulp, water and fun. This is the perfect chance for anyone who's ever wanted to try their hand at papermaking to get a nice gentle introduction to the basics. Students will learn about equipment and safety, the materials involved and the techniques needed.
Appropriate for: Students age 16 and above Cost: $80, with a $15 materials fee.
Mother and Infant Handprints Coming Soon
Mothers and their little ones will be gently walked through the most basic parts of sheet formation, and then shown how to make paper art using organic, baby-safe materials. Both are sure to enjoy the time together and the new sensations associated with this fun collaboration.
Appropriate for: Mothers with infants and toddlers TBA

Western Paper Meets Eastern Folding Coming Soon
Sign on for this two-day class, held two consecutive Saturdays, and get some of the best that Milkweed Studio has to offer.

Come to session one to learn the basics of sheet formation and make paper from cotton and abaca, providing for an array of contrasting colors. A particular emphasis will be placed on forming double sided sheets of paper, with one type of fibre on each. Then, come back a week later for session two to fold that same, custom paper into a variety of models traditional to origami. The pieces themselves will be kept quite basic, with a particular stress put on purity of fold and form.

The result of the efforts will be pieces that are true works of beauty that students will be able to call completely their own.

Appropriate for: Young adults and up TBA