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michael hunter horlick was born in cleveland, ohio. he has since claimed residency in interlochen (michigan), bloomington (indiana), saint petersburg (russian federation), beijing (people's republic of china) and takoma park (maryland).

he currently splits his day between compiling a new dictionary for western punjabi (which includes dialectical content from lahore, pothohari and seraiki) and translating a soviet-era dictionary for the syrian dialect of arabic from the original russian.

his comprehensive uzbek - english dictionary (all 48,000 headwords and 69,000 examples of it) is now available for purchase both on paper and as an e-book. a set of sample pages from it can be found and downloaded here.

a slang supplement of roughly 7,500 often unrepeatable words is nearly in the can and should be ready-and-waiting shortly. additionally, research into the dialectical variations of language (in particular the syntactic and lexical differences) among the resident population of "southern" uzbeks in afghanistan is currently underway.

his uyghur to english dictionary, a solo-effort from years ago (now largely revised and retooled) is now in layout and will finally be in print and on shelves sometime around labor day. additionally, nabijan tursun's "uyghur reader", which he helped compile and edit, is now back in print in a second impression.

he has a number of projects either on the boards or in the conceptual phase including work that will focus on brazil and beyond. he is ever available, upon request, for consulting on matters of lexicography and language.

this past august, he spoke at the asian lexicography conference in kyoto, japan, during which he developed a bit of a yen for kastu kare and sake don. (getting hooked on gado-gado at the next conference in bali is on his to-do list.)

he also blows glass, volunteers at the food bank, and teaches origami at his wife's paper studio. he is also a kickstarter addict and a proud, committed member of the be the match foundation. in earlier versions of himself, he has been a grocery store stockman, a volunteer ambulance attendant and even a computer help desk technician.

oh - and no: he's not "on" facebook and doesn't "tweet", so don't ask.