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Liz Saint Rain, our artist-in-residence, is a papermaker, book artist, designer and educator from Hyattsville, Maryland. She founded Milkweed Studio in 2008 both as a private space for creating her own work and as a center for getting others excited about this versatile art form.
Michael Hunter Horlick, our director of education, is a linguist and lexicographer, also from Hyattsville. He has a Master's Degree in curriculum and instruction, is a life-long student of origami, a big fan of Tibetan-style sheet formation and a regular at DC Glassworks.
We're located at the Gateway Center for the Arts in Brentwood, which is home to more than a dozen artists from a variety of media. It has become the center piece of the new Arts District that runs between Hyattsville and Mount Rainier. The facility is home to regular events - many free to the public - as well as group classes and private instruction.
Milkweed Studio artists are available for events outside the studio. Previous clients and collaborators have included the Antacostia Watershed Society and the National Arboretum, but we also have special packages for birthdays, street fairs and other neighborhood and community get-togethers.
Liz has had works displayed in a number of galleries and shows, from her coptic bound, wooden cover, hand-made books, to mixed-media assemblies of carefully chosen pieces. Her handmade papers are used by other artists in their own creative pursuits. She invites inquiries and proposals from artists with unique paper needs.